The faculty opera - symphonic conducting

The faculty opera - symphonic conducting takes the beginning from that time, when in Kiev yet there was no conservatory, and there was music - drama institute by Nikolaj Lysenko. 

The first steps of training to conductor's craft were taught by the professor of institute of Valerian Valerianovich Berdjaev. Since a 1918 the conductor taught the professor and director the Kiev music - drama institute of Feliks Mihajlovich Blumenfel'd. In a consequence music - drama institute by Nikolaj Lysenko has become a conservatory with faculty of conducting, and since a 1928 the faculty an opera - symphonic conducting was headed by the known conductor, professor of Nikolaj Mal'ko. Under his management prepared the conductors of symphonic orchestras and opera theaters. 

Among the schoolboys of Mal'ko there were such known Ukrainian conductors as well as. About. The professors, manager of faculty opera - symphonic conducing of the Kiev conservatory by Petr Il'ich CHajkovsky of Mihail Kanershtejn, national actor of Ukraine, professor of Mihail Pokrovsky and other. 

The faculty opera - symphonic conducting till a 1945 was not faculty, and was section of faculty the choral conductors. Then the faculty an opera - symphonic the conductors was not fellowship, and since a 1948, when the director of the Kiev conservatory has become the known Ukrainian conductor and professor deserved figure of arts of Ukraine of Aleksandr Klimov, the faculty opera - symphonic conducting was organized. On faculty the entrants with maximum education and worker by the experience not less than three years were accepted. Then on faculty the issued Ukrainian conductors, professor of Natan Rahlin, Vladimir Piradov, senior lecturer of Kanershtejn worked. Over opera studio supervised by Veniamin Tol'ba. The students had an opportunity to hand over graduation Examinations the conductors by a State academic symphonic orchestra of Ukraine. 

Since a 1973 the faculty was headed by the known Ukrainian conductor, senior lecturer of Kanershtejn. He has managed to entice on faculty of the known Ukrainian conductors such as the national actor USSR, professor of Stefan Turchak, national actor USSR of Natan Rahlin, national actor USSR of Konstantin Semionov.


In a 1986 the faculty was headed by the national actor USSR, the Hero of Socialist Work, professor of Stefan Turchak, and since a 1989 by the manager of faculty has become the national actor of Ukraine, professor of Evgenij Dushchenko.

For work on faculty were involved; the main conductor of a National opera of Ukraine of a name of Shevchenko, national actor of Ukraine and Russia, professor of Vladimir Kozhuhar' and conductor of a National opera, national actor of Ukraine, senior lecturer, and. About. The professors of Oleg Rjabov. At this time on faculty the professors of Vadim Gnedash, Dushchenko, Kozhuhar', Rjabov deserved figures of arts the professor of Alin Vlasenko, Roman Kofman worked.